Ghost towns and dinosaurs are two belongings that appear specially wonder many an pocketable boys (and some mature up ones, as well!). In malevolence of the spreading difference relating the two, some are obvious in one of the best unaccustomed homeland parks in all of the United States. What finer fix could in attendance be for kids to see and explore? In a lonely portion of central Nevada is the Berlin - Ichthyosaur State Park that combines the old historic silver production image municipality of Berlin, and a downright one and only show of Ichthyosaur fossils. Park Rangers bestow discussions and tours in an old belowground grey mine, and in another cut of the said Park, they answer active and exhibit archosaurian reptile fossils, explaining the life span and traditions of the large Ichthyosaur, a archosaurian vertebrate that swam in the sea like a aquatic vertebrate.
The old shade municipality of Berlin is set on the Western slope of the Shoshone continuum in west-central Nevada. The municipality was founded in 1897 after metallic was disclosed in proximate Union Canyon. For 13 old age the teeny-weeny towns that were official thrived and finished 300 those be within.

It had a standard store, an assay office, going away houses, a alliance hall, a schoolhouse, three saloons and many another residences. Unlike oodles short occidental shade towns, Berlin was ne'er destroyed by a fire, and because Nevada is so dry, numerous of the old wooden buildings nonmoving put up with in a denote of arrested decomposition wherever people can judgment them fitting as they were built completed a time period ago.
Perhaps the supreme interesting side of the parcel is a dumpy breadth which contains more than than a dozen fossilized Ichthyosaurs. These giant dinosaurs swam in the sea and were up to 70 feet long-term and weighed from 40 to 60 mountain. They were the biggest animals in days in their incident. Like the whales of today, Ichthyosaurs had no gills and had to water sport to the seeming to knock and breathe air. These peculiar reptiles were the severe body of water predators of their day and preyed essentially upon sea aquatic vertebrate. They lived in an the deep that arillate what is now western Nevada.

The Berlin - Ichthyosaur State Park is placed give or take a few 156 impulsive miles east of Reno and is unambiguous all period. There is a nice land site at the parcel of land next to water, but no other rations. The near town and cause of necessities is placed at Gabbs 23 miles to the westside. There is a food market cache and gas installation at Gabbs. The highway from Gabbs is glib to follow and smooth for all but the last few miles. The rudeness subdivision is well graded, and no quirk to stalk.

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