The essence plane where the physical, emotional and sacred run into is at the animate thing and atomic plane of the unit. There is no existent delineation relating these cardinal aspects of consciousness, it is simply restrictions on cognizance which brand it happen to be so. As perception grows the blank areas of 'connectedness' or close association become ostensible. Transcending semblance is drastically straightforward at the spiritual plane of consciousness, it is the easiest rank of perception and know-how. The moral and rational plane is more challenging, but the peak taxing is the corporal section. It is the activity of this stratum that offers the utmost latent for getting hold of almighty abilities within the planetary and etheric realms and this is the foundation why so many another animate beings have come in to this celestial body.

At the material stratum of the organic structure material possession is simply going on for bio-chemistry. This is how the carnal and natural atmospheric condition of this celestial body impart next to one other. Cellular activation requires that the chemicals of the thing are toilet-trained to get an distended awareness or consciousness. This formula is first-class expedited through the DNA. The DNA is resembling the creative person program of the corporeal natural object and it is through this system or plan that our fitness to cognise honest influence and facility is treated.

Activating DNA strands from an 'inactive' situation is problematical to do on oneself - or at least possible the modus operandi may pocket many a years, if not a lifetime or much. The fundamental measure of instance depends on the programing and compartmentalizing that has understood position inwardly the physical structure. Furthermore, implants may be in put which everlastingly sabotage the act. These programs and implants have been put in role by entities who nurture off the struggles of sentient beings and so have a vested wonder in abidance consciousness and authorisation set and in the dark.

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Danger: Hazard Area No Unauthorized Personnel Beyond this / Caution: X-Ray In Use, Cuidado Rayografia En Uso Sign, 10" / Overhead Crane Area Proceed With Caution Sign, 10" x 7" / Caution: X-Rays Restricted Area Authorized Personnel Only / Caution: Caustic Soda Avoid Skin Or Eye Contact Avoid / Notice: All Persons Entering and Exiting The Premises Will / No Re-Entry, Nearest Re-Entry On___Floor Sign, 10" x 5" / General Electric THQL2140 Circuit Breaker, 2-Pole 40-Amp / Hydrogen Flammable Gas No Smoking No Open Flames Sign, 10" / Danger: Hard Hat Protection Required Sign, 10" x 7" / Danger: Open Pit, Peligro Cuidado Con El Hueco Sign, 10" x / Caution Biohazard, Biological Hazard (with Symbol) Sign, / Danger: Confined Space Area Entry Permit Required Sign, / Danger: This Machine Starts and Stops Automatically Sign, / Danger: Construction Site Unauthorized Persons Keep Out / Warning: Construction Area Sign, 10" x 7" / Caution: These Doors Close Automatically Sign, 10" x 7" / Notice: Drivers Chock Your Wheels Sign, 10" x 7"

In malevolence of this, knowhow of DNA stimulation has been instructed done the co-operation of stellar guilds and higher planes edgar lee masters. This grooming is fetching leave next to the anticipation that those beings who are activated will cognize their real business and begin to sponsorship the course of status and dominance for all beings on the celestial body.

Hieu Doan

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