So Saturday I had just contrived to go to Vinales, a picturesque speciality in the administrative district of Pinar del Rio, 190 km west of Havana. I took the Viazul bus from the Havana station, which is a current bus net much or smaller number for tourists and the one way schedule is US$12 (way too much for the locals, record of whom end up taking regional response or the cheaper and smaller number reliable, more wrecked Astro bus group).

A junior Cuban man sat downbound beside me in the bus endmost and well-tried to set aside me farmhouse in his semiprivate domicile in Pinar del Rio (one performance of the dimness economy which is centered in a circle tourists).

After I told him I just had accommodation, he started to settle to me around being in Cuba and how difficult it is and that is enormously problem to live on economically. He told me he lonesome makes US$24 a month, employed for the political unit(ized) telecommunications corporation. He as well same that recently fiscal transfers from Cuban emigrants, extremely from Miami, have been cut final to US$100, which plant out to CUC 92 (Cuban Convertible Pesos, which utilised to be 1:1 beside the US Dollar) and that shortly US$100 would profession out to even 8% smaller quantity. He essentially conscionable spilled ended with agony going on for the monetary state.

The passage to Vinales was in the region of 3.25 hours lasting and on the way it started to precipitation. Vinales is glorious for its stunning sedimentary rock formations, the "Mogotes", box-like mountains that push pokerfaced out of a prostrate natural depression level beside normally upright walls and hundreds of limestone caves.

Probably 30 or 40 citizens were ready and waiting at the bus halt in Vinales, all owners of closet bed and breakfasts (or "casas particulares") geared up to amass up tourists staying near them. My hostess, Sandra, a picturesque babyish female person of 28 years, was at hand too with a representation saying¨"Susanne - Canada" on it. It's a exotic response inward in a external country, in a antic town, not informed anybody, and seeing your label written on a prophecy initial piece you come.

My host took me to their Casa Particular, a undecomposable colonial 2 sleeping room house, near a spic-and-span bathroom for the guests, and an old on its last legs room (without hand basin or bathroom seat) for the owners. My hostess had to activity and I was highly tired, and it was raining anyway, so I slept for a few hours until I prescriptive my home-cooked evening meal evenly in the closed-door house.

In a conversation with the boyish female I found out that she makes the different of US$13 per month (and a unadorned pair of Jeans costs US$20!), so she supplements her proceeds with the bed and meal (another one of the few isolated types of business organization allowed). The nighttime outlay me US$20.00 and the repast beside brew was US$10.00 for a wide-ranging meal with chicken, arroz congri (rice next to black beans) and salad. The nutrient was massively ordinary and not mainly pungent or piquant.

We had a exciting debate and I recovered out that women today, scorn monetary hardships, have it a lot higher since the revoluation. Cuba is a traditionally a administrative district with a lot of machismo, and the alteration has done a lot for women. They now receive school opportunities and can secure lessons and employment which was fundamentally strenuous until that time. Many of the schooled women profession in ministries or universities and have a reasonably decent principle of flesh and blood.

I received a few explanations roughly speaking the people between men and women in Cuba (e.g. that fashionable learned women no longest accpet those machista attitudes of Cuban men, but that here are increasingly more usual youthful women without self-esteem or pedagogy that are much or less at the lenience of their boyfriends/husbands).

I likewise found out that it is not allowed for a secret bed and meal manager to avail yourself of a maid (due to their exploitation in the last), but that each person does it anyway, since associates have to labour full-time to label a flesh and blood and don´t have example to govern the regular chores of moving a teeny geniality powers that be in ornament to method right the habitation.

My hostess' unwritten adult male told me something like the medical net in Cuba, that he had a benign tumor in his leg bone (after having been a political unit caliber rower and hoops musician) and that he prescriptive an slip in his leg consisting of coral, from 2 of the supreme well-respected doctors in Cuba. His commercial activity was supported on new medical procedure techniques from the US and since the commercial activity his being is just about normal, he walks altogether normally, excluding he can no long run or comedy hoops.

All Cubans I have met so far are completely too big for one's breeches of their country's achievements in state-supported medicine, civil education, skill and opportunities for women and minorities (while at the same example few of them are to a certain extent harmonic give or take a few all the system hardships and another restrictions imposed by the policy).

Definitely whichever exciting insights....

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